AA Information and FAQ

Spruce Grove Ringette Association “AA” Information and Frequently Asked Questions

SGRA would like to congratulate and welcome the 2017-2018 Head Coaches for the AA!

U14AA - HeadCoach: Dale Kew

U16AA - Head Coach: Jason Stypula


Spruce Grove Ringette Association has chosen to host AA level teams within its association.  These teams are an integral part of the association and adhere to SGRA’s values, goals, policies and procedures.  Any exceptions will be listed here.

The objective of the SGRA AA ringette program is to build strong, confident athletes that are committed to hard work, achieving personal and team goals and teamwork. Through dedication, commitment and a passion for excellence, SGRA strives to prepare our athletes for the opportunity to compete at the highest levels in the sport for their age division.

Why should my child consider trying out for a AA ringette team?

At this time, participation in SGRA’s AA level is voluntary.  Your child will have the opportunity to:

  • participate at the highest level available for her age group;
  • have the challenge of playing against other top ringette athletes in Alberta and Canada; 
  • receive experienced coaching and instruction;
  • travel within Canada and play against other top ringette athletes; and
  • to learn valuable, transferrable life skills, such as responsibility, dependability and time management.

What is the financial commitment?

Each SGRA player pays an SGRA registration fee set out in the registration information.  These fees pay for regular ice, membership fees, referees, insurance, etc.

An additional financial commitment for AA will vary amongst the AA teams and age level.  There are some basic costs such as additional practice ice, regular dryland training and mandatory team apparel (e.g. gear bag and hoodie). 

Other costs will be coach and team decisions, decided at the beginning of each season.   Variables that affect cost include:

  • number of tournaments, both home and away, that a team decides to participate in (including any post-provincial play);
  • additional training a team may wish to add to their own program (goalie instruction, power skating);
  • additional team bonding functions or additional team apparel;
  • costs for non-parent coaches, if applicable (apparel, travel, accommodations); 
  • participation in post-Provincial play at Western Canadian Ringette Championships (WCRC) for U14AA or Canadian Ringette Championships (CRC) for U16AA.

In addition to the SGRA registration fees, the estimated team “seed money” for the season will be:

  • U14AA - $1,200 per athlete (in 2-3 installments). If the team qualifies for Western Canadian Ringette Championships (WCRC), it may be $1,500 more, depending on location of event.
  • U16AA - $1,200 per athlete (in 2-3 installments).  If the team qualifies for Canadian Ringette Championships (CRC), it may be $1,500 more, depending on location of event.

These costs can be significantly reduced through team fundraising and sponsorship.  As an example, the U14AA team last year raised enough money to cover all the additional costs through a pub night, bottle drives, a poker night, etc.  

What is the time commitment?

Like the financial commitment, the time commitment can vary from team to team and between age levels.  A good guideline is as follows:

  • two on-ice practices per week of 60 to 75 minutes;
  • one dryland session per week of 60 to 75 minutes;
  • approximately 15 to 20 league and exhibition games;
  • participation in tournaments, up to the tournament maximums outlined in SGRA’s tournament policies (by age division).

Coaches are required to follow Ringette Canada’s Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) principles with respect to practice and playing time.

Are athletes permitted/encouraged to play other sports during the ringette season?

SGRA recognizes athletes are required to balance many commitments.  These commitments often include family, school and other sports.  SGRA expects and supports family and school commitments take priority over ringette.

  • At U14AA & U16AA, SGRA encourages players to play other sports.  The coach(es) will work with the family and the athlete to balance ringette with other sports.  
  • At the U19AA level, the athlete will likely be expected to make ringette a priority sport during the ringette season.

Who organizes the tryouts?

Tryouts are organized by the Coordinator of AA and SGRA Director of Player Assessment & Development, in consultation with the SGRA Board and the appropriate Division Directors.  

What is the tryout/evaluation process?

The AA evaluation and tryout procedure will be similar to and integrated into to the evaluation process at the same age division.  Independent evaluators will be contracted to assist with the AA evaluation process. See the SGRA website for more details (coming soon!).

To balance the development of SGRA athletes and creating viable teams with the ability to compete with other AA programs across the province, SGRA will place a limitation on how many athletes will be selected from outside SGRA boundaries (“import players”).  If you are outside of SGRA boundaries and are interested in AA within SGRA, please contact SGRA President president@sprucegroveringette.com for more details.

It may be necessary for import players to register, tryout and be released from Zone 5 Ringette Club prior to attending tryouts/evaluations in SGRA.  See most current Ringette Alberta residency policies and Zone 5 Player Release policies on their respective websites.

How will coaches be selected?

Coaches who interested in coaching AA are to submit their interest via the registration process (if child is playing within SGRA) or via email to the Director of Coaching Assessment and Development (if child does not play within SGRA) by the deadline specified on the SGRA website.

Interested coaches will then complete a coaching application by the deadline indicated on the SGRA website.  Prospective coaches will then be interviewed by a selection committee, consisting of the Director of Coaching Assessment and Development, the Coordinator of AA and appropriate Division Director. Once the Head Coach has been selected, the committee may recommend assistant coaches.

How will teams be selected?

A committee consisting of Head Coach, Director of Player Assessment and Development, appropriate Division Director(s) and Coordinator of AA will select acceptable athletes for each team based on evaluation information provided by independent evaluators and according to SGRA policies and procedures for team selection.  Coaches’ children are not automatically accepted on the team.  The selection committee will need to provide reasonable justification for import players.

How many AA teams are there?

For the 2017-18 season, SGRA will have 1 team (13-16 skaters and up to 2 goalies) for each of the U14 and U16 divisions.  SGRA is not hosting a U19AA evaluation/tryout at this time. 

Both U14AA & U16AA will play in their own respective divisions in the Black Gold League.

Who do I contact for more information about AA ringette?

SGRA Coordinator of AA - U14aa@sprucegroveringette.com

SGRA President - president@sprucegroveringette.com



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